zondag 24 maart 2013

Save your bliss

Through my blog I try to inspire others to look at everyday things, sometimes so easily forgotten. My moments of happiness - my bliss moments - I try to capture through photographs of everyday life, thoughts and objects that make me happy. 

Since this year I keep my treasures of thoughts and memories in a glass jar,  which I've decorated with beads and maskingtape. Once in a while I throw my treasures in it: from cinema tickets, shells, stones, party invitations, pictures or thoughts, I keep all my treasures of this year together.

Until next bliss post!             

woensdag 13 maart 2013

Personalize your envelopes

I love to make cards and envelopes myself, it just gives that personal touch to your stationary.

For these envelopes I used the map of Curaçao, world map (googled), stamps and maskingtape. 

zondag 10 maart 2013

Heart with chalk stones

I love hearts. You can use many types of materials to make a beautiful heart, this symbol of love will never get bored.

This heart is beautiful in its simplicity and easy to create. 

Materials needed: 
                         - Wooden plate
                         - Chalkstones * found on the beaches
                         - Kit * water resistant
                         - Paint for woorden platen * I used acryl, color: burn wood

You could give this handmade heart as a gift, for example, with a special date or date of birth of the newborn baby.

Sunny day on the boat

Four words to describe Thursday's boat trip:  Another day in paradise...

picnic & beer @ Santa Barbara Beach
barracuda fish

maandag 4 maart 2013

Daily life - Bliss moments

My little moments of bliss....

Working @Hotel 't Klooster ** Recipe book updates ** Sunset @ balcony ** Home
See-you-soon-- party with beautiful view ** Hello gym @ Monday morning (before work!) ** Party with friends