About me

When we moved in 2009 to Curaçao, I’ve started a new life with my boyfriend Max.

We exchanged our lives in Utrecht (the Netherlands) for a new adventure on a Caribbean island, without that we have ever been there. Now 4 years later, we have created a lot of things that belong to a new life, a new job,  friends, daily life and many projects.

On Curaçao, I discovered that it was fun to make things  and capture everyday life.

Bliss is the word for ‘happines’ and so I started my blog blissyourday.  
On Bliss your day I'll share details about my island life on Curacao, craft projects and pretty things like home decor and beauty.

You can follow me at my Facebookpage, Instagram: fromcuracaowithlove, twitter: @blissyourday and Pinterest

Love, Joia