maandag 13 augustus 2012

Things I miss about living in the Netherlands

A lot of people asked me what I miss the most about the Netherlands. Besides my family and close friends, I miss some off the smallest things, that used to be so normal when I lived in there.

Visiting family for a cup of coffee 
Spontaneously visiting my family is one of the things I miss a lot. For example drinking coffee with my dad. Somehow my dad is the best coffee pal, he never stops talking. We were are always discussing business and creating plans for the future. Now we're drinking coffee during skype, that's fun too.

Saturday mornings.
Saturday mornings in Utrecht. I always took my bike and cycled to the market and bought some fresh flowers. And of course I always bought something impulsive at my favorite shops Hema and H&M.

City trips. 
City trips with my sister and friends Marta and Richard. The last trip was in June 2009, when we visited London. We have visited a lot of European city's together. The ability to just go to another city in another country feels like a small vacation. That's 
something you realize when you live on an island.

Friday nights in a different city.
We used to go out with a group of three or four girls. We all lived somewhere else (Amsterdam -Tilburg - Utrecht, Haarlem, Breda), so every three or four months, we've planned a girls night out. Which means a lot of Martini, make-up, dancing, high heals and the worst hangovers... ever.

I never thought I would say this, because I'm a little lazy. On Curacao it's impossible to walk anywhere unless you're planning to have your self killed by a car or a sunstroke. And if there is anything I should add, I miss the parks and the festivals.

I'm trying to visit the Netherlands every year from now on. Some friends have babies now and some friends are married or getting married. A lot of special things happened and I don't want to miss it all.


One of my next posts: Things I love about living in the Caribbean. Believe me this list is much longer!

A picture of our super small apartment in Utrecht

Old photo of me and my friends on a girls night out in Amsterdam

At the airport, ready for London! 2009

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  1. Totally agree!! Ik kijk denk ik nog het meest uit naar die zaterdagochtend op de fiets naar de stad. En dan eindigen met een vriendin op het terras (of in de kroeg).