dinsdag 13 november 2012

My simple goals for November

As long as I can remember, I'm working on goals. Usually these are big goals such as weight loss, start my own company, work-out at least 5 times a week etc. I usually fail in these goals because I do not know how to achieve them.

That's why I want to focus on simple goals that will make my life richer and happier on a daily basis. And for the first time, it's not about achieving the end result!

My simple goals for November:

1. I love (hatha) yoga, but with my busy job it is really difficult to find a weekly routine for my yoga classes. I haven't practiced yoga for some weeks now.
Goal: plan two moments in my week schedule, so I have no excuse to miss yoga class.

2. I often have no inspiration for our daily dinner.

Goal: for more daily inspiration write something down each week in my cookbook (which is almost empty), this could be a simple recipe and try to make this recipe.

3. I have a room in our house that I call my office. Actually this is not really an office, but a storage room with a desk. I want to make this room a creative place where I love to work (ok, this is an end goal).
Goal: make a mood board for my new office.

4. My last weeks where very busy and some times a little bit stressful. People call me a workaholic and maybe I am (that's because I have a great job!). But it is also a little bit hard for me to let go..
Goal: work on my daily work-life balance: it's good to work very hard and also relax a lot in my spare time. My favorite words: work hard, play hard.

These are my 4 simple goals for the last two weeks of November.
I am very curious about your simple goals, feel free to share them!

x Joia

I was inspired by the blogpost: 4 simple goals, which I saw on my favorite blog: abeautifulmess.com

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