zondag 18 maart 2012

These are a few of my favorite things

Did you know that Sunday is my favorite day of the week? Having breakfast & coffee with my boyfriend Max, walk with our three dogs, skype with my family & friends in the Netherlands. In the afternoon we go to the beach, or playing games with friends at home and we cook a delicious diner in the afternoon (lately I bake something sweet every Sunday, like brownies).

Enjoy my favorites this week!

1. There are two things that I like about that picture: the style of the Parisian woman: elegant and chic. The second thing that I like is that she's drinking coffee alone in a cafe. That reminded me that I should do the same: buy a nice magazine and drink coffee in a cute cafe or at the beach.

2. Maybe you have noticed that I love old things.. I wish I had a collection of letters like this.

3. Flowers always make me happy!

4. I love a top knot, what I also like about this picture is the ring and the dark nail polish.

Pictures: Pinterest

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