vrijdag 20 april 2012

Things that made me happy this week

1. My favorite songs on the radio when I’m driving
2. Writing and receiving letters
3. The result after our sewing lesson (results so far: 2 pillows and a soon-to-be bag)
4. Visit a friend and her tiny baby girl Rosa
5. Enjoying a homemade latte with my boyfriend in our sunny garden before work
6. Decorate my beautiful house and garden with simple things like pictures and candles
7. Received a card + gift from my sweet friend in Holland
8. 'Whatsapping' inside jokes with my sister during the day
9. Cuddling with my three dogs
10. Crafting and make pretty things

What makes you terribly happy this week?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Readind about all the lovely things that made you happy this week makes me want to have a great week too, full of beautiful friends, sweet letters and lattes! Loved your blog. ♥