zondag 17 juni 2012

My super birthday!

I really had a super birthday. Last Saturday, Maaike and Laura knew to surprise me with a painting workshop of ceramics at Polka Dots. A day later I organized a brunch with snacks such as pumpkin soup, salmon and spinach quiche, sausage rolls, pancakes, brownies, carrot cakes, fresh fruit and delicious brown bread from the Dutch bakery. We all ended at relaxing at the pool.

On my actual birthday, June 12th, I was overwhelmed with b-day wishes, phone calls and skype calls from my dad, mom, grandma, parents in-law, sisters and best friends from the Netherlands. And as each year, my sweet grandma send me flowers.

Thanks to all my sweet friends and family for the sweet cards and lovely presents, my b-day was the best! 

Workshop painting @ Polkadot
with Maaike & Laura

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