zaterdag 12 mei 2012

Tips for beautiful nails

I have the habit to always pay attention to hands and feet. You'll never see me with torn, unpainted or unkempt nails. Nail polish is a small investment for your look, it could actually finish your whole outfit. 

I have these phases when I wear certain colors. Last year I had often black or red or nails. I went from black to gray and from red to old rose. The 'nude colors' are now my favorite.

Favorite brands: Chanel, Revlon and Opi, good quality and beautiful collection!
My nail care products

Tips for beautiful nails: 

1. Massage (once a week) the cuticles with a hand creme or olive oil
2. Trim and file your fingernails regularly

3. Apply a clear base coat, which helps the polish stick to your nail more easily
4. Apply two coats of colored nail polish
5. For the finishing touch: add a top coat to seal in the polish
6. For soft hands: use hand cream before you go to bed
7. Use a nail brush when washing your hands, it eliminates dirt and bacteria

Do you have tips for beautiful nails? 

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